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APT-BUILD(1) General Commands Manual APT-BUILD(1)


apt-build - Fetch sources and build packages optimized for your architecture.


apt-build [ options ] [ update ] [ upgrade ] [ world ] [ install pkg ] [ remove pkg ] [ info pkg ]


apt-build is an apt-get frontend to build and install architecture optimized packages.


Retrieve new lists of packages
Perform an upgrade
Rebuild your system
Build and install new packages
Download and extract source in the build directory
Info on a package which could be built
Remove packages
Erase built packages
Call debian/rules clean in source directories
Build source without installing them
Update sources and rebuild them if they are missing in the repository
Rebuild the repository


Shows help
Do not use the gcc wrapper
Remove build-dependencies installed by apt-build
Don't download source
Specify build-dir
Build package only
Rebuild a package
Build and install an already installed package
Use this command to build package
Apply this patch before build (you can use this option one or several times)
Prefix to strip on patch (0 = -p0, 1 = -p1 ...)
Assume yes
Use purge instead of remove
Do not run 'apt-get update' before package installation
Specify sources.list file
Specify an alternative apt-get command
Specify an alternative apt-cache command
Force yes
Do not download source (sources are extracted already)
Specify the repository directory
Distribution to fetch packages from
Specify an alternative configuration file
Show version




apt-build was written by Julien Danjou <> with many contributors.

November 2003 3rd Berkeley Distribution