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AOMDEC(1) User Commands AOMDEC(1)


aomdec - manual page for aomdec 3.5.0


aomdec <options> filename


Show usage options and exit
Codec to use
Output raw YV12 frames
Output raw I420 frames
Flip the chroma planes in the output
Output raw YUV frames
Don't process the decoded frames
Show progress after each frame decodes
Stop decoding after n frames
Skip the first n input frames
Show timing summary
Output file name pattern (see below)
Max threads to use
Enable row based multi-threading, default: 0
Show version string
Scale output frames uniformly
Number of frame buffers to use
Compute the MD5 sum of the decoded frame
Output per-frame stats (.csv format)
(debug) Continue decoding after error
Output bit-depth for decoded frames
Bitstream is in Annex-B format
Select an operating point of a scalable bitstream
Output all decoded frames of a scalable bitstream
Skip film grain application

Output File Patterns:

The -o argument specifies the name of the file(s) to write to. If the argument does not include any escape characters, the output will be written to a single file. Otherwise, the filename will be calculated by expanding the following escape characters:
- Frame width
- Frame height
%<n> - Frame number, zero padded to <n> places (1..9)
Pattern arguments are only supported in conjunction with the --yv12 and --i420 options. If the -o option is not specified, the output will be directed to stdout.

Included decoders:

- AOMedia Project AV1 Decoder v3.5.0
September 2022 aomdec 3.5.0