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AOQPLOT(1) General Commands Manual AOQPLOT(1)


AOQplot - Plot statistics from AOFlagger


aoqplot [<options>] [<observation>]


<observation> can be a measurement set for opening a single observation. To get statistics for a (remote) observation consisting of multiple measurement sets, specify a measurement set specifier instead (generally a .ref, .vds .gvds or .gds file).


Show syntax help.
Print version info and exit.
Save every plot for the given kind of statistic as a PDF file. This will prevent the GUI from opening. You can repeat this parameter to save multiple kinds at once. A list of allowed names can be retrieved with 'aoquality liststats'. Some common ones are: StandardDeviation, Variance, Mean, RFIPercentage, RFIRatio, Count.
2016-06-21 AOQplot