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AMULE(1) aMule AMULE(1)


amule - the all-platform eMule p2p client


amule [-c <path>] [-geometry <geom>] [-o] [-r] [-w <path>] [-d] [-i] [-t <num>] [eD2k-link]

amule [-v]

amule [-h]


[ -c <path>, --config-dir=<path> ]
Read config from <path> instead of home
[ -geometry <geom> ]
Sets the geometry of the app. <geom> uses the same format as standard X11 apps: [=][<width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset>]
[ -o, --log-stdout ]
Prints log messages to stdout.
[ -r, --reset-config ]
Resets config to default values.
[ -w <path>, --use-amuleweb=<path> ]
Specify location of amuleweb binary to <path>.
[ -d, --disable-fatal ]
Does not handle fatal exception.
[ -i, --enable-stdin ]
Does not disable stdin.
[ -t, --category=<num> ]
Set category for passed eD2k links to <num>
[ -v, --version ]
Displays the current version number.
[ -h, --help ]
Prints a short usage description.
[ eD2k-link ]
Adds an eD2k-link to the core.

The eD2k link to be added can be:

  • a file link (ed2k://|file|...), it will be added to the download queue;
  • a server link (ed2k://|server|...), it will be added to the server list;
  • a serverlist link, in which case all servers in the list will be added to the server list;
  • a magnet link.



For all options which take a <path> value, if the path contains no directory part (i.e. just a plain filename), then it is considered to be under the aMule configuration directory, ~/.aMule.




Please report bugs either on our forum (, or in our bugtracker ( Please do not report bugs in e-mail, neither to our mailing list nor directly to any team member.


aMule and all of its related utilities are distributed under the GNU General Public License.


alc(1), alcc(1), amuled(1), amulecmd(1), amulegui(1), amuleweb(1), cas(1), ed2k(1), wxcas(1), xas(1)


This manpage was written by Vollstrecker <>

September 2016 aMule v2.3.2