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MEMUSAGESTAT(1) Linux programmer's manual MEMUSAGESTAT(1)


memusagestat - generate graphic from memory profiling data


memusagestat [option]... datafile [outfile]


memusagestat creates a PNG file containing a graphical representation of the memory profiling data in the file datafile; that file is generated via the -d (or --data) option of memusage(1).
The red line in the graph shows the heap usage (allocated memory) and the green line shows the stack usage. The x-scale is either the number of memory-handling function calls or (if the -t option is specified) time.


-o file--output=file
Name of the output file.
-s string--string=string
Use string as the title inside the output graph.
-t, --time
Use time (rather than number of function calls) as the scale for the X axis.
-T, --total
Also draw a graph of total memory consumption.
-x size--x-size=size
Make the output graph size pixels wide.
-y size--y-size=size
Make the output graph size pixels high.
-?, --help
Print a help message and exit.
Print a short usage message and exit.
-V, --version
Print version information and exit.


See memusage(1).


To report bugs, see


memusage(1), mtrace(1)


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