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lremove(3tcl) Tcl Built-In Commands lremove(3tcl)


lremove - Remove elements from a list by index


lremove list ?index ...?


lremove returns a new list formed by simultaneously removing zero or more elements of list at each of the indices given by an arbirary number of index arguments. The indices may be in any order and may be repeated; the element at index will only be removed once. The index values are interpreted the same as index values for the command string index, supporting simple index arithmetic and indices relative to the end of the list. 0 refers to the first element of the list, and end refers to the last element of the list.


Removing the third element of a list:

% lremove {a b c d e} 2
a b d e

Removing two elements from a list:

% lremove {a b c d e} end-1 1
a c e

Removing the same element indicated in two different ways:

% lremove {a b c d e} 2 end-2
a b d e


list(3tcl), lappend(3tcl), lassign(3tcl), lindex(3tcl), linsert(3tcl), llength(3tcl), lmap(3tcl), lpop(3tcl), lrange(3tcl), lrepeat(3tcl), lreplace(3tcl), lreverse(3tcl), lsearch(3tcl), lset(3tcl), lsort(3tcl)


element, list, remove

8.7 Tcl