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systemd-tpm2-generator - Generator for inserting TPM2 synchronization point in the boot process




systemd-tpm2-generator is a generator that adds a Wants= dependency from to when it detects that the firmware discovered a TPM2 device but the OS kernel so far did not. is supposed to act as synchronization point for all services that require TPM2 device access. See systemd.special(7) for details.

The systemd.tpm2_wait= kernel command line option may be used to override behaviour of the generator. It accepts a boolean value: if true then will be added as synchronization point even if the firmware has not detected a TPM2 device. If false, the target will not be inserted even if firmware reported a device but the OS kernel doesn't expose a device for it yet. The latter might be useful in environments where a suitable TPM2 driver for the available hardware is not available.

systemd-tpm2-generator implements systemd.generator(7).


systemd(1), systemd.special(7), kernel-command-line(7)

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