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SFMTCVT(1) General Commands Manual SFMTCVT(1)


sfmtcvt - convert Motorola S-Record ROM dumps to binary


sfmtcvt [INTERLEAVE] FILE ...


sfmtcvt converts ROM dump files in Motorola S-Record format to binary files. In addition to straight conversion, the contents of 2 or 4 dump files (given in the proper sequence on the command line) can be interleaved. Multiple ROM dumps with the same interleave can be given and the result of the conversion is stored in a file of the same name with the extension changed to ".bin".

If INTERLEAVE is not specified, the value 1 is assumed. Permitted values are:

Straight conversion.
Interleave 2 files.
Interleave 4 files.
2017-10-15 simtools