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COSY(1) General Commands Manual COSY(1)


cosy - compress/decompress CDC1700 COSY format files


cosy [-d] COSYFILE
cosy -c COSYFILE FILE ...


cosy manipulates files in the CDC1700 COSY format (note this is different from the CDC3000 series COSY format). COSY is a format used for containing card images as ASCII files using run length encoding of 3 or more spaces to reduce the amount of space required. Multiple card decks may be present in a single COSY file. File naming in the host environment makes use of the deck name which is optionally present in the CSY/ cards. For decompression, if a deck name is present, the host file will be named "deck_<deckname>" otherwise it will be named "nnnnn.deck" where nnnnn is the position number of the deck within the COSY file. On compression, source files named "deck_<deckname>" will result in the CSY/ deckname being filled in otherwise an empty name will be used.

When decompressing a COSY format file, CSY/ and END/ card images are removed from the output. On compression, a CSY/ card image is inserted at the start of the output and a END/ card is appended to the output. The resulting compressed file will be padded, with NULLs, to be a multiple of 384 bytes.


Perform COSY compression.
Perform COSY decompression. This is also the default mode if no option is given.


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