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podman-volume-create(1)() podman-volume-create(1)()


podman-volume-create - Create a new volume


podman volume create [options]


Creates an empty volume and prepares it to be used by containers. The volume can be created with a specific name, if a name is not given a random name is generated. You can add metadata to the volume by using the --label flag and driver options can be set using the --opt flag.



Specify the volume driver name (default local). Setting this to a value other than local Podman will attempt to create the volume using a volume plugin with the given name. Such plugins must be defined in the volume_plugins section of the containers.conf(5) configuration file.


Print usage statement

--label=label, -l

Set metadata for a volume (e.g., --label mykey=value).

--opt=option, -o

Set driver specific options. For the default driver, local, this allows a volume to be configured to mount a filesystem on the host. For the local driver the following options are supported: type, device, and o. The type option sets the type of the filesystem to be mounted, and is equivalent to the -t flag to mount(8). The device option sets the device to be mounted, and is equivalent to the device argument to mount(8). The o option sets options for the mount, and is equivalent to the -o flag to mount(8) with two exceptions. The o option supports uid and gid options to set the UID and GID of the created volume that are not normally supported by mount(8). Using volume options with the local driver requires root privileges. When not using the local driver, the given options will be passed directly to the volume plugin. In this case, supported options will be dictated by the plugin in question, not Podman.


$ podman volume create myvol
$ podman volume create
$ podman volume create --label foo=bar myvol
# podman volume create --opt device=tmpfs --opt type=tmpfs --opt o=nodev,noexec myvol
# podman volume create --opt device=tmpfs --opt type=tmpfs --opt o=uid=1000,gid=1000 testvol


podman-volume(1), mount(8), containers.conf(5)


January 2020, updated with information on volume plugins by Matthew Heon ⟨⟩ November 2018, Originally compiled by Urvashi Mohnani ⟨⟩