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bs11_config - Configuration of BS-11 BTS via RS232


bs11_config [options] [command]


bs11_config is a small commandline program that can be used to configure the BS-11? BTS using its RS232 link.

It can perform a subset of the functions that are typically performed using the Siemens LMT (Local Maintenance Terminal) software, such as

querying some essential configuration values
creating and deleting TRX1 objects
download of SAFETY LOAD software
download of BTS software
creating an initial configuration (such as creating BBSIG,CCLK,PA,... objects)
setting the Tx output power of the RF amplifier

It is part of the OpenBSC base station controller software from Osmocom.


Print this help text
Specify serial port
Specify Software file
Specify Safety Load file
Specify delay in milliseconds
Disconnect BTS from BSC
Specify Window Size
Force Software Load


Query the BS-11 about serial number and configuration
Disconnect A-bis link (go into administrative state)
Reconnect A-bis link (go into normal state)
Restart the BTS
Download Software (only in administrative state)
Create objects for TRX1 (Danger: Your BS-11 might overheat)
Delete objects for TRX1
Set the PLL to be locked to E1 clock
Set the PLL to be in standalone mode
Set the PLL set value
Set the PLL work value
Set OML E1 TS and TEI
Set BPORT0 line config to star
Set BPORT0 line config to multidrop
Set BPORT1 line config to multidrop
Create BPORT1 object
Delete BPORT1 object


isdnsync(1), osmo-bsc(1)


This manual page was written by Ruben Undheim <> for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

04 October 2022