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COREPACK(1) User Commands COREPACK(1)


corepack - Access npm, Yarn and pnpm without having to install them


Corepack - 0.19.0

$ corepack <command>

General commands

corepack <binary name>[@<version>] [... args]
Runs the specified package manager in the local folder
corepack disable [--install-directory #0] ...
Remove the Corepack shims from the install directory
corepack enable [--install-directory #0] ...
Add the Corepack shims to the install directories
corepack hydrate [--activate] <fileName>
Import a package manager into the cache
corepack prepare [--activate] [--all] [--json] [-o,--output] ...
Generate a package manager archive

You can also print more details about any of these commands by calling them with the `-h,--help` flag right after the command name.

August 2023 corepack 0.19.0