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nfsdclddb(8) System Manager's Manual nfsdclddb(8)


nfsdclddb - Tool for manipulating the nfsdcld sqlite database


nfsdclddb [-h|--help]

nfsdclddb [-p|--path dbpath] fix-table-names [-h|--help]

nfsdclddb [-p|--path dbpath] downgrade-schema [-h|--help] [-v|--version to-version]

nfsdclddb [-p|--path dbpath] print [-h|--help] [-s|--summary]


The nfsdclddb command is provided to perform some manipulation of the nfsdcld sqlite database schema and to print the contents of the database.


Valid nfsdclddb subcommands are:

A previous version of nfsdcld(8) contained a bug that corrupted the reboot epoch table names. This sub-command will fix those table names.
Downgrade the database schema. Currently the schema can only to downgraded from version 4 to version 3.
Display the contents of the database. Prints the schema version and the values of the current and recovery epochs. If the -s|--summary option is not given, also prints the clients in the reboot epoch tables.


Options valid for all sub-commands

Show the help message and exit
Open the sqlite database located at dbpath instead of /var/lib/nfs/nfsdcld/main.sqlite. This is mainly for testing purposes.

Options specific to the downgrade-schema sub-command

The schema version to downgrade to. Currently the schema can only be downgraded to version 3.

Options specific to the print sub-command

Do not list the clients in the reboot epoch tables in the output.


The nfsdclddb command will not allow the fix-table-names or downgrade-schema subcommands to be used if nfsdcld(8) is running.






Scott Mayhew <>

07 Aug 2019