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QwtPolarMarker(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtPolarMarker(3)


QwtPolarMarker - A class for drawing markers.


#include <qwt_polar_marker.h>

Inherits QwtPolarItem.

Public Member Functions

QwtPolarMarker ()
Sets alignment to Qt::AlignCenter, and style to NoLine. virtual ~QwtPolarMarker ()
Destructor. virtual int rtti () const override
void setPosition (const QwtPointPolar &)
Change the position of the marker. QwtPointPolar position () const
void setSymbol (const QwtSymbol *s)
Assign a symbol. const QwtSymbol * symbol () const
void setLabel (const QwtText &)
Set the label. QwtText label () const
void setLabelAlignment (Qt::Alignment)
Set the alignment of the label. Qt::Alignment labelAlignment () const
virtual void draw (QPainter *painter, const QwtScaleMap &azimuthMap, const QwtScaleMap &radialMap, const QPointF &pole, double radius, const QRectF &canvasRect) const override
virtual QwtInterval boundingInterval (int scaleId) const override

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A class for drawing markers.

A marker can be a a symbol, a label or a combination of them, which can be drawn around a center point inside a bounding rectangle.

The setSymbol() member assigns a symbol to the marker. The symbol is drawn at the specified point.

With setLabel(), a label can be assigned to the marker. The setLabelAlignment() member specifies where the label is drawn. All the Align*-constants in Qt::AlignmentFlags (see Qt documentation) are valid. The alignment refers to the center point of the marker, which means, for example, that the label would be painted left above the center point if the alignment was set to AlignLeft|AlignTop.

Definition at line 36 of file qwt_polar_marker.h.

Member Function Documentation

QwtInterval QwtPolarMarker::boundingInterval (int scaleId) const [override], [virtual]

Interval, that is necessary to display the item This interval can be useful for operations like clipping or autoscaling


scaleId Scale index


bounding interval ( == position )

See also


Reimplemented from QwtPolarItem.

Definition at line 228 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

void QwtPolarMarker::draw (QPainter * painter, const QwtScaleMap & azimuthMap, const QwtScaleMap & radialMap, const QPointF & pole, double radius, const QRectF & canvasRect) const [override], [virtual]

Draw the marker


painter Painter
azimuthMap Maps azimuth values to values related to 0.0, M_2PI
radialMap Maps radius values into painter coordinates.
pole Position of the pole in painter coordinates
radius Radius of the complete plot area in painter coordinates
canvasRect Contents rect of the canvas in painter coordinates

Implements QwtPolarItem.

Definition at line 89 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

QwtText QwtPolarMarker::label () const


the label

See also


Definition at line 185 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

Qt::Alignment QwtPolarMarker::labelAlignment () const


the label alignment

See also


Definition at line 214 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

QwtPointPolar QwtPolarMarker::position () const


Position of the marker

Definition at line 64 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

int QwtPolarMarker::rtti () const [override], [virtual]



Reimplemented from QwtPolarItem.

Definition at line 58 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

void QwtPolarMarker::setLabel (const QwtText & label)

Set the label.


label label text

See also


Definition at line 172 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

void QwtPolarMarker::setLabelAlignment (Qt::Alignment align)

Set the alignment of the label. The alignment determines where the label is drawn relative to the marker's position.


align Alignment. A combination of AlignTop, AlignBottom, AlignLeft, AlignRight, AlignCenter, AlgnHCenter, AlignVCenter.

See also


Definition at line 201 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

void QwtPolarMarker::setSymbol (const QwtSymbol * symbol)

Assign a symbol.


symbol New symbol

See also


Definition at line 148 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.

const QwtSymbol * QwtPolarMarker::symbol () const


the symbol

See also

setSymbol(), QwtSymbol

Definition at line 162 of file qwt_polar_marker.cpp.


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