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QwtIntervalSymbol(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtIntervalSymbol(3)


QwtIntervalSymbol - A drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar.


#include <qwt_interval_symbol.h>

Public Types

enum Style { NoSymbol = -1, Bar, Box, UserSymbol = 1000 }
Symbol style.

Public Member Functions

QwtIntervalSymbol (Style=NoSymbol)
QwtIntervalSymbol (const QwtIntervalSymbol &)
Copy constructor. virtual ~QwtIntervalSymbol ()
Destructor. QwtIntervalSymbol & operator= (const QwtIntervalSymbol &)
Assignment operator. bool operator== (const QwtIntervalSymbol &) const
Compare two symbols. bool operator!= (const QwtIntervalSymbol &) const
Compare two symbols. void setWidth (int)
int width () const
void setBrush (const QBrush &)
Assign a brush. const QBrush & brush () const
void setPen (const QColor &, qreal width=0.0, Qt::PenStyle=Qt::SolidLine)
void setPen (const QPen &)
const QPen & pen () const
void setStyle (Style)
Style style () const
virtual void draw (QPainter *, Qt::Orientation, const QPointF &from, const QPointF &to) const

Detailed Description

A drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar.

See also


Definition at line 27 of file qwt_interval_symbol.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtIntervalSymbol::Style

Symbol style.


No Style. The symbol cannot be drawn.
The symbol displays a line with caps at the beginning/end. The size of the caps depends on the symbol width().
The symbol displays a plain rectangle using pen() and brush(). The size of the rectangle depends on the translated interval and the width(),
Styles >= UserSymbol are reserved for derived classes of QwtIntervalSymbol that overload draw() with additional application specific symbol types.

Definition at line 31 of file qwt_interval_symbol.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtIntervalSymbol::QwtIntervalSymbol (Style style = NoSymbol) [explicit]



style Style of the symbol

See also

setStyle(), style(), Style

Definition at line 47 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const QBrush & QwtIntervalSymbol::brush () const



See also


Definition at line 146 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

void QwtIntervalSymbol::draw (QPainter * painter, Qt::Orientation orientation, const QPointF & from, const QPointF & to) const [virtual]

Draw a symbol depending on its style


painter Painter
orientation Orientation
from Start point of the interval in target device coordinates
to End point of the interval in target device coordinates

See also


Definition at line 200 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

const QPen & QwtIntervalSymbol::pen () const



See also

setPen(), brush()

Definition at line 185 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

void QwtIntervalSymbol::setBrush (const QBrush & brush)

Assign a brush. The brush is used for the Box style.


brush Brush

See also


Definition at line 137 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

void QwtIntervalSymbol::setPen (const QColor & color, qreal width = 0.0, Qt::PenStyle style = Qt::SolidLine)

Build and assign a pen

In Qt5 the default pen width is 1.0 ( 0.0 in Qt4 ) what makes it non cosmetic ( see QPen::isCosmetic() ). This method has been introduced to hide this incompatibility.


color Pen color
width Pen width
style Pen style

See also

pen(), brush()

Definition at line 164 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

void QwtIntervalSymbol::setPen (const QPen & pen)

Assign a pen


pen Pen

See also

pen(), setBrush()

Definition at line 176 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

void QwtIntervalSymbol::setStyle (Style style)

Specify the symbol style


style Style

See also

style(), Style

Definition at line 94 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

void QwtIntervalSymbol::setWidth (int width)

Specify the width of the symbol It is used depending on the style.


width Width

See also

width(), setStyle()

Definition at line 115 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

QwtIntervalSymbol::Style QwtIntervalSymbol::style () const


Current symbol style

See also


Definition at line 103 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.

int QwtIntervalSymbol::width () const


Width of the symbol.

See also

setWidth(), setStyle()

Definition at line 124 of file qwt_interval_symbol.cpp.


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