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QwtColumnSymbol(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtColumnSymbol(3)


QwtColumnSymbol - A drawing primitive for columns.


#include <qwt_column_symbol.h>

Public Types

enum Style { NoStyle = -1, Box, UserStyle = 1000 }
enum FrameStyle { NoFrame, Plain, Raised }

Public Member Functions

QwtColumnSymbol (Style=NoStyle)
virtual ~QwtColumnSymbol ()
Destructor. void setFrameStyle (FrameStyle)
FrameStyle frameStyle () const
void setLineWidth (int width)
int lineWidth () const
void setPalette (const QPalette &)
const QPalette & palette () const
void setStyle (Style)
Style style () const
virtual void draw (QPainter *, const QwtColumnRect &) const

Protected Member Functions

void drawBox (QPainter *, const QwtColumnRect &) const

Detailed Description

A drawing primitive for columns.

Definition at line 74 of file qwt_column_symbol.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtColumnSymbol::FrameStyle

Frame Style used in Box style().

See also

Style, setFrameStyle(), frameStyle(), setStyle(), setPalette()


No frame.
A plain frame style.
A raised frame style.

Definition at line 104 of file qwt_column_symbol.h.

enum QwtColumnSymbol::Style


See also

setStyle(), style()


No Style, the symbol draws nothing.
The column is painted with a frame depending on the frameStyle() and lineWidth() using the palette().
Styles >= QwtColumnSymbol::UserStyle are reserved for derived classes of QwtColumnSymbol that overload draw() with additional application specific symbol types.

Definition at line 81 of file qwt_column_symbol.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtColumnSymbol::QwtColumnSymbol (Style style = NoStyle) [explicit]



style Style of the symbol

See also

setStyle(), style(), Style

Definition at line 135 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void QwtColumnSymbol::draw (QPainter * painter, const QwtColumnRect & rect) const [virtual]

Draw the symbol depending on its style.


painter Painter
rect Directed rectangle

See also


Definition at line 238 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

void QwtColumnSymbol::drawBox (QPainter * painter, const QwtColumnRect & rect) const [protected]

Draw the symbol when it is in Box style.


painter Painter
rect Directed rectangle

See also


Definition at line 264 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

QwtColumnSymbol::FrameStyle QwtColumnSymbol::frameStyle () const


Current frame style, that is used for the Box style.

See also

setFrameStyle(), lineWidth(), setStyle()

Definition at line 202 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

int QwtColumnSymbol::lineWidth () const


Line width of the frame, that is used for the Box style.

See also

setLineWidth(), frameStyle(), setStyle()

Definition at line 225 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

const QPalette & QwtColumnSymbol::palette () const


Current palette

See also


Definition at line 182 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

void QwtColumnSymbol::setFrameStyle (FrameStyle frameStyle)

Set the frame, that is used for the Box style.


frameStyle Frame style

See also

frameStyle(), setLineWidth(), setStyle()

Definition at line 193 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

void QwtColumnSymbol::setLineWidth (int width)

Set the line width of the frame, that is used for the Box style.


width Width

See also

lineWidth(), setFrameStyle()

Definition at line 213 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

void QwtColumnSymbol::setPalette (const QPalette & palette)

Assign a palette for the symbol


palette Palette

See also

palette(), setStyle()

Definition at line 173 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

void QwtColumnSymbol::setStyle (Style style)

Specify the symbol style


style Style

See also

style(), setPalette()

Definition at line 153 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.

QwtColumnSymbol::Style QwtColumnSymbol::style () const


Current symbol style

See also


Definition at line 162 of file qwt_column_symbol.cpp.


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