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Munin::Plugin::HTTP(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Plugin::HTTP(3pm)


Munin::Plugin::HTTP - LWP::UserAgent subclass for Munin plugins


The Munin::Plugin::HTTP module extends LWP::UserAgent with methods useful for Munin plugins, as well as provide a more homogeneous interface, as both exposed to the user and to the monitored services.


HTTP plugins (that use this module) share a common configuration interface, including some common system environment variables.

env.http_timeout 25
env.http_proxy http://mylocalproxy:3128/
env.https_proxy http://mylocalproxy:3128/
env.http_username someuser
env.http_password somepassword

The timeout, in seconds, to use for HTTP requests. Default 25, to give time for processing.
"env.http_proxy", "env.https_proxy"
The proxy server to use when making the request. The plugins based on this module will respect the system variables, as would tools like wget and curl.
"env.http_username", "env.http_password"
The username and password to use for authentication. This will only be used if requested, for any realm that is requested. Basic auth is supported.

Don't use this with HTTP proxies, put the passwords in the front of the url in the form of "http://user:pass@proxy/" instead.


The module requires libwww-perl installed to work correctly.


Diego Elio Petteno <>

2022-02-10 perl v5.34.0