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Munin::Master::Config(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Master::Config(3pm)


Munin::Master::Config - Holds the master configuration.


  my $config = Munin::Master::Config->instance;

Returns the (possibly newly created) singleton configuration instance.

  $config->set_value($longkey, $value);

Set a value in the config, where $longkey is the full ;:. separated value.


Populates the fields of $config from the configuration file referred to by filehandle $io.

  my $value = $config->look_up($key);

Look up a group/host by a key such as "localdomain;localhost" etc. If the path does not exist create it with correct class and so on.

Lookup ends at host name. If something is missing along the way undef is returned.

  my $gah = $config->get_groups_and_hosts();

Returns all the groups and hosts defined in the configuration.

  my $hosts = $config->get_all_hosts();

Returns a list of all the hosts defined in the configuration.


Sets the keys and values in $config to those in %attrs.

2022-02-10 perl v5.34.0