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hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_group_attr_s(3) Hardware Locality (hwloc) hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_group_attr_s(3)




#include <hwloc.h>

Data Fields

unsigned depth
unsigned kind
unsigned subkind
unsigned char dont_merge

Detailed Description

Group-specific Object Attributes.

Field Documentation

unsigned hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_group_attr_s::depth

Depth of group object. It may change if intermediate Group objects are added.

unsigned char hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_group_attr_s::dont_merge

Flag preventing groups from being automatically merged with identical parent or children.

unsigned hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_group_attr_s::kind

Internally-used kind of group.

unsigned hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_group_attr_s::subkind

Internally-used subkind to distinguish different levels of groups with same kind.


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