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CAPTREE(8) System Manager's Manual CAPTREE(8)


captree - display process tree capabilities


captree [optional args] [pid|glob-name...]


captree displays the capabilities on the mentioned processes indicated by pidorglob-name value(s) given on the command line. If no pid etc values are supplied, pid=1 is implied. A pid value of 0 displays all the processes known to the kernel.

The POSIX.1e capabilities are displayed in double quotes in the cap_from_text(3) format. The IAB tuple of capabilities is displayed between square brackets in the text format described in cap_iab(3). Note, the IAB tuple text is omitted if it contains empty A and B components. This is because the regular POSIX.1e text contains information about the Inheritable flag already. This behavior can be overridden with the --verbose command line argument.

Optional arguments (which must precede the list of pid|glob-name values):

Displays usage information and exits.
Displays capability sets and IAB tuples even when they are empty, or redundant.
Displays the process tree to a depth of n. Note, the default value for this parameter is 0, which implies infinite depth.
Colo[u]rs the targeted PIDs, if stdout is a TTY, in red. This option defaults to true when running via a TTY. The --color=false argument will suppress this color. Piping the output into some other program will also suppress the use of colo[u]r.


Please report bugs via:


cap_from_text(3), capabilities(7), and cap_iab(3).

There is a longer article about captree, which includes some examples, here:


Andrew G. Morgan <>