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GNUNET-SCRYPT(1) General Commands Manual GNUNET-SCRYPT(1)


gnunet-scrypt - Manipulate GNUnet proof of work files.


gnunet-scrypt [options]


gnunet-scrypt is a command line tool to manipulate GNUnet proof of work files.


Number of bits to require for the proof of work.
Use the configuration file FILENAME.
Print short help on options.
File with private key, otherwise default is used.
Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.
Configure logging to write logs to LOGFILE.
File with proof of work, otherwise default is used.
Time to wait between calculations.
Print GNUnet version number.


Report bugs by using Mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to <>

September 13, 2014 GNUnet