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darktable-cmstest - test if the color management subsystem of your computer is correctly configured




darktable is a digital photography workflow application for Linux, Mac OS X and several other Unices. It's described further in darktable(1).

darktable-cmstest investigates if the color management subsystem of your computer is correctly configured and it displays some useful information about the installed monitor profile(s).




The principal developer of darktable is Johannes Hanika. The (hopefully) complete list of contributors to the project is:

* developers: Pascal Obry Aldric Renaudin Roman Lebedev Tobias Ellinghaus Ulrich Pegelow parafin Pascal de Bruijn Stefan Schöfegger Peter Budai johannes hanika Edouard Gomez

* translators: Pascal Obry EdgarLux Ger Siemerink Timur I. Davletshin Michel Leblond Nilvus Jakub Filipowicz Matjaž Jeran Josep V. Moragues mepi0011 Heiko Bauke Maurizio Paglia Milan Knížek Novy Sawai Tomasz Golinski maruncz Báthory Péter Jacques Le Clerc Ragnar Wisloff Thomas Pryds Tobias Ellinghaus shlomi braitbart Denis Dyakov Edgar De la Luz Shlomi Alon-Braitbart Simon Raffeiner Tomasz Goliński archont00 chri johannes hanika lkarcz

* contributors (at least 4 commits): Aurélien PIERRE Andreas Schneider edgardoh rawfiner Philippe Weyland Nilvus EdgarLux Ger Siemerink Heiko Bauke Jakub Filipowicz Jacques Le Clerc Timur I. Davletshin Michel Leblond Timur Davletshin Bill Ferguson Sam Smith Alexis Mousset Matjaž Jeran mepi0011 Matthieu Moy Rikard Öxler junkyardsparkle Hanno Schwalm Denis Dyakov Diederik ter Rahe luzpaz Dan Torop Josep V. Moragues Marcello Mamino Wolfgang Goetz maruncz mondoman712

* Sub-module rawspeed contributors (at least 1 commit): Roman Lebedev Robert Bridge bobobo1618 luz.paz parafin Bastian Bechtold Martijn Courteaux Pascal de Bruijn chrunchyjesus dllu junkyardsparkle

And all those of you that made previous releases possible

This man page was written by Ulrich Pegelow <> as part of the usermanual. It was turned into a man page by Tobias Ellinghaus <>.


Copyright (C) 2009-2017 by Authors.

darktable is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL v3 or (at your option) any later version.

2017-01-20 darktable 2.3