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cog(1) General Commands Manual cog(1)


cog - single-window web browser


cog [options] [URL]


cog is a small, single-window web browser based on WPE WebKit. It provides no user interface and is suitable to be used as a web application container for embedded devices in kiosk mode.

The URL of the website to be opened can be passed either from the command-line or with the COG_URL environment variable.


Show help options
Print version and exit
Print application ID and exit
Zoom/Scaling factor applied to Web content (default: 1.0, no scaling)
Output device scaling factor (default: 1.0, no scaling, 96 DPI)
Document viewer mode: optimizes for local loading of Web content. This reduces memory usage at the cost of reducing caching of resources loaded from the network.
Add a URI scheme handler for a directory
Action on WebProcess failures: error-page (default), exit, exit-ok, restart.
Path to a configuration file
Background color, as a CSS name or in #RRGGBBAA hex syntax (default: white)
Platform plug-in to use.
Load Web Extensions from given directory.


COG_URL URL of the website to be opened




This manual page was written by Alberto Garcia <>

January 25, 2020