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NAME - The only cheat sheet you need (command line client for



The service:

  • Covers 56 programming languages, several DBMSes, and more than 1000 most important UNIX/Linux commands.
  • Provides access to the best community driven cheat sheets repositories in the world, on par with StackOverflow.

The service has its own command line client ( that has several useful features compared to querying the service directly with curl:

  • Special shell mode with a persistent queries context and readline support.
  • Queries history.
  • Clipboard integration.
  • Tab completion support for shells (bash, fish, zsh).
  • Stealth mode.


process QUERY and exit.
print help.
shell mode (open LANG if specified).
install in the standalone mode (by default, into ~/
set (or display) mode of operation:
  • auto - prefer the local installation
  • lite - use the cheat sheet server


Now, you can use instead of curl, and write your queries in more natural way, with spaces instead of +:

$ go reverse a list
$ python random list elements
$ js parse json
It is even more convenient to start the client in a special shell mode:

$ --shell> go reverse a list
If all your queries are about the same language, you can change the context and spare repeating the programming language name:

$ --shell> cd go> reverse a list
or even start the client in this context:

$ --shell go> reverse a list
...> join a list
If you want to change the context, you can do it with the cd command, or if you want do a single query for some other language, just prepend it with /:

$ --shell go
...> /python dictionary comprehension
If you want to copy the last answer into the clipboard, you can use the c (copy) command, or C (ccopy, without comments).> append file
# python - How do you append to a file?
with open("test.txt", "a") as myfile:
myfile.write("appended text")> C
copy: 2 lines copied to the selection
Type help for other internal commands.> help
help - show this help
hush - do not show the 'help' string at start anymore
cd LANG - change the language context
copy - copy the last answer in the clipboard (aliases: yank, y, c)
ccopy - copy the last answer w/o comments (cut comments; aliases: cc, Y, C)
exit - exit the cheat shell (aliases: quit, ^D)
id [ID] - set/show an unique session id ("reset" to reset, "remove" to remove)
stealth - stealth mode (automatic queries for selected text)
update - self update (only if the scriptfile is writeable)
version - show current version
/:help - service help
QUERY - space separated query staring (examples are below)> python zip list> zip list> /python zip list


The was written by Igor Chubin <>.

This manual page was written by Thiago Marques Siqueira <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

23 September 2023