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readms(1) General Commands Manual readms(1)


readms - Read one or more MeasurementSets


readms parm=value ...


Number of MeasurementSets to read (0 means 1 MS without suffix; default)
Name of the MeasurementSet (suffix _p<i> is added if nms>0)
Read DATA column? (default=true)
Read FLAG column? (default=true)
Read WEIGHT_SPECTRUM column? (default=false)
Fields to read
Number of time steps to read (0=all; default)
Spectral window numbers to read
Number of polarizations to read (0=all; default)
Number of channels to read (0=all; default)
Baselines to read (CASA baseline selection)
Read the data row wise (thus a get per row) (default=true)
2017-11-01 casacore