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boincmgr(1) boincmgr(1)


boincmgr - The graphical BOINC manager for the client.


[--verbose] [-a] [-e client_dir] [-d data_dir] [-n hostname] [-g port] [-p passwd] [-b BOINC_ARGS] [-i] [-c] [-m]

[-h | --help]


The BOINC manager (boincmgr) is a graphical controlling and monitoring utility for the BOINC client (boinc(1)). It communicates with a running client using port 31416 over TCP/IP. It can only connect to one client at a time.


Show all options.
Generate verbose log messages.
Tells the BOINC Manager that it was started by the operating system automatically. Use this if the Manager is started at login time.
Directory containing the locale directory containing the Manager localisation files.
Directory containing the configuration files .
Hostname or IP address of client to which the manager should connect to.
RPC port number used to communicate with the client. Has to be the same value as on the client (see boinc(1)).
Use passwd as password for RPC authentication. If the current working directory contains a file gui_rpc_auth.cfg, boincmgr will read the password from this file.
Startup the BOINC client with these optional arguments if necessary.
Disable BOINC security users and permissions.
Set skin debugging mode to enable skin manager error messages.
Allow multiple instances of BOINC manager on this host.


boinc(1), boinccmd(1)



Copyright © 2007-2020 University of California.

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03 February 2020