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Ephemeron.Kn(3o) OCamldoc Ephemeron.Kn(3o)


Ephemeron.Kn - no description


Module Ephemeron.Kn


Module Kn : sig end

type ('k, 'd) t

an ephemeron with an arbitrary number of keys of the same type

val create : int -> ('k, 'd) t

Same as Ephemeron.K1.create

val get_key : ('k, 'd) t -> int -> 'k option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_key

val get_key_copy : ('k, 'd) t -> int -> 'k option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_key_copy

val set_key : ('k, 'd) t -> int -> 'k -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.set_key

val unset_key : ('k, 'd) t -> int -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.unset_key

val check_key : ('k, 'd) t -> int -> bool

Same as Ephemeron.K1.check_key

val blit_key : ('k, 'a) t -> int -> ('k, 'b) t -> int -> int -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.blit_key

val get_data : ('k, 'd) t -> 'd option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_data

val get_data_copy : ('k, 'd) t -> 'd option

Same as Ephemeron.K1.get_data_copy

val set_data : ('k, 'd) t -> 'd -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.set_data

val unset_data : ('k, 'd) t -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.unset_data

val check_data : ('k, 'd) t -> bool

Same as Ephemeron.K1.check_data

val blit_data : ('k, 'd) t -> ('k, 'd) t -> unit

Same as Ephemeron.K1.blit_data

module Make : functor (H : Hashtbl.HashedType) -> sig end

Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table

module MakeSeeded : functor (H : Hashtbl.SeededHashedType) -> sig end

Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table. The seed is similar to the one of Hashtbl.MakeSeeded .

source: 2019-01-25