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Usage: module [options] sub-command [args ...]

Options: -h -? -H --help This help message -s availStyle --style=availStyle Site controlled avail style: system (default: system) --regression_testing Lmod regression testing -D Program tracing written to stderr --debug=dbglvl Program tracing written to stderr --pin_versions=pinVersions When doing a restore use specified version, do not follow defaults -d --default List default modules only when used with avail -q --quiet Do not print out warnings --topic=topic help topics: modfuncs envvars --expert Expert mode -t --terse Write out in machine readable format for commands: list, avail, spider, savelist --initial_load loading Lmod for first time in a user shell --latest Load latest (ignore default) --ignore_cache Treat the cache file(s) as out-of-date --novice Turn off expert and quiet flag --raw Print modulefile in raw output when used with show -w twidth --width=twidth Use this as max term width -v --version Print version info and quit -r --regexp use regular expression match --gitversion Dump git version in a machine readable way and quit --dumpversion Dump version in a machine readable way and quit --localvar=localvarA local variables needed to be set after this commands execution --check_syntax --checkSyntax Checking module command syntax: do not load --config Report Lmod Configuration --config-json Report Lmod Configuration in json format --mt Report Module Table State --timer report run times --force force removal of a sticky module or save an empty collection --redirect Send the output of list, avail, spider to stdout (not stderr) --no_redirect Force output of list, avail and spider to stderr --show_hidden Avail and spider will report hidden modules --spider_timeout=timeout a timeout for spider

module [options] sub-command [args ...]

Help sub-commands: ------------------ help prints this message help module [...] print help message from module(s)

Loading/Unloading sub-commands: ------------------------------- load | add module [...] load module(s) try-load | try-add module [...] Add module(s), do not complain if not found del | unload module [...] Remove module(s), do not complain if not found swap | sw | switch m1 m2 unload m1 and load m2 purge unload all modules refresh reload aliases from current list of modules. update reload all currently loaded modules.

Listing / Searching sub-commands: --------------------------------- list List loaded modules list s1 s2 ... List loaded modules that match the pattern avail | av List available modules avail | av string List available modules that contain "string". spider List all possible modules spider module List all possible version of that module file spider string List all module that contain the "string". spider name/version Detailed information about that version of the module. whatis module Print whatis information about module keyword | key string Search all name and whatis that contain "string".

Searching with Lmod: -------------------- All searching (spider, list, avail, keyword) support regular expressions:

spider -r '^p' Finds all the modules that start with `p' or `P' spider -r mpi Finds all modules that have "mpi" in their name. spider -r 'mpi$ Finds all modules that end with "mpi" in their name.

Handling a collection of modules: -------------------------------- save | s Save the current list of modules to a user defined "default" collection. save | s name Save the current list of modules to "name" collection. reset The same as "restore system" restore | r Restore modules from the user's "default" or system default. restore | r name Restore modules from "name" collection. restore system Restore module state to system defaults. savelist List of saved collections. describe | mcc name Describe the contents of a module collection.

Deprecated commands: -------------------- getdefault [name] load name collection of modules or user's "default" if no name given. ===> Use "restore" instead <==== setdefault [name] Save current list of modules to name if given, otherwise save as the default list for you the user. ===> Use "save" instead. <====

Miscellaneous sub-commands: --------------------------- show modulefile show the commands in the module file. use [-a] path Prepend or Append path to MODULEPATH. unuse path remove path from MODULEPATH. tablelist output list of active modules as a lua table.

Important Environment Variables: -------------------------------- LMOD_COLORIZE If defined to be "YES" then Lmod prints properties and warning in color.


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