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GBrowse2(1) USER COMMANDS GBrowse2(1)


gbrowse_syn_load_alignment_database - Script to load the database for gbrowse_syn


The expected file format is tab-delimited (shown below): species1 ref1 start1 end1 strand1 cigar_string1 species2 ref2 start2 end2 strand2 cigar_string2 coords1... | coords2... the coordinate format: pos1_species1 pos1_species2 ... posn_species1 posn_species2 | pos1_species2 pos1_species1 ... posn_species2 posn_species1, where pos is the matching sequence coordinate (ungapped) in each species.


Olivier Sallou (olivier.sallou (at) - Man page and packaging Lincoln Stein - GBrowse
October 18, 2011 version 1.1.0