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BUTTERCUP(1) General Commands Manual BUTTERCUP(1)


buttercup - behaviour-driven testing for Emacs Lisp packages


buttercup [-h|--help DIR] [-L|--directory DIR] [-f|--funcall FUNCTION] [-l|--load FILE] [--eval|--execute EXPR] [--p|--pattern PATTERN] [--c|--no-color] [--traceback STYLE] dir...


buttercup invokes the Buttercup testing framework for Emacs Lisp addons for tests found in the directories passed on the command line.


-h, --help
Display usage information.
-p PATTERN, --pattern PATTERN
Only run tests in files matching the Emacs regular expression PATTERN. May be passed multiple times.
-L DIR, --directory DIR, -f FUNCTION, --funcall FUNCTION, -l FILE, --load FILE, --eval EXPR, --execute EXPR
Passed on when invoking Emacs in batch mode to run the test suite. For example, most invocations will pass -L . to include the current project in the load-path. May be passed multiple times. See emacs(1) for full descriptions of each option.
-c PATTERN, --no-color PATTERN
Disable Buttercup's coloured output.
--traceback STYLE
When printing backtraces for errors that occur during tests, print them in the chosen STYLE. Available styles are "full", which shows the full function call for each stack frame on a single line, "crop", which truncates each stack frame to 80 characters (the default), and "pretty", which uses Emacs' pretty-printing facilities to print each stack frame, and also annotates each frame with a lambda or M to indicate whether it is a normal function call or a macro/special form.