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c-icap-mkbdb(8) System Manager's Manual c-icap-mkbdb(8)


c-icap-mkbdb - simple ICAP clientutility to create Berkeley DB lookup tables


c-icap-mkbdb [ -V ] [ -VV ] [ -d debug_level ] [ -i file.txt ] [ -o file.db ] [ -t string|int|ip ] [ -v string|int|ip ] [ --dump ]


c-icap-mkbdb utility can be used to create Berkeley DB databases which can be used as lookup tables by the c-icap server.


Print version
Print build informations
-d debug_level
The debug level
-i file.txt
The file contains the data (required). The line format of this file must be:
key: value1, value2, ....
-o file.db
The database to be created
-t string|int|ip
The type of the key. Select string for string keys, int for integer keys or ip for using IP addresses as keys. The "string" is the default.
-v string|int|ip
The type of the values. The "string" is the default.
-p page_size[k]
The page size to use. Can not be less than 512 bytes or greater than 64k. Read berkeleyDB manual for default values.
Use B-Tree as access method for the database. By default uses Hash.
Do not update the database just dump it to the screen.


c-icap-mkbdb -o keys -i keys.txt
It builds the keys Berkeley DB database, using string type for keys and values.
c-icap-mkbdb -o keys --dump
Dump the contents of the keys database


c-icap(8) c-icap-client(8) c-icap-stretch(8) c-icap-config(8) c-icap-libicapapi-config(8)


Tsantilas Christos
c_icap 0.5.3