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Test::Lintian::ConfigFile(3) Debian Package Checker Test::Lintian::ConfigFile(3)


Test::Lintian::ConfigFile -- generic helper routines for colon-delimited configuration files


use Test::Lintian::ConfigFile qw(read_config); my $desc = read_config('t/tags/testname/desc');


Routines for dealing with colon-delimited configuration files.


read_config(PATH, HASHREF)
Reads the configuration file located at PATH into a hash and returns it. When also passed a HASHREF, will fill that instead.
write_config(TEST_CASE, PATH)
Write the config described by hash reference TEST_CASE to the file named PATH.
read_field_from_file(FIELD, FILE)
Returns the list of lines from file FILE which start with the string FIELD followed by a colon. The string FIELD and the colon are removed from each line.
2020-06-03 Lintian v2.79.0~bpo10+1