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ZPOOL-EVENTS(8) System Manager's Manual ZPOOL-EVENTS(8)


zpool-eventsLists all recent events generated by the ZFS kernel modules


zpool events [-vHf [pool] | -c]


zpool events [-vHf [pool] | -c]
Lists all recent events generated by the ZFS kernel modules. These events are consumed by the zed(8) and used to automate administrative tasks such as replacing a failed device with a hot spare. For more information about the subclasses and event payloads that can be generated see the zfs-events(5) man page.
Clear all previous events.
Follow mode.
Scripted mode. Do not display headers, and separate fields by a single tab instead of arbitrary space.
Print the entire payload for each event.


zed(8), zpool-wait(8), zfs-events(5), zfs-module-parameters(5)

August 9, 2019 Linux