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unclutter-xfixes - rewrite of unclutter using the X11-Xfixes extension


unclutter [--timeout seconds] [--jitter radius] [--exclude-root] [--ignore-scrolling] [--fork|-b] [--help|-h] [--version|-v]

Compatibility arguments:

unclutter [--display|-d display] [--idle seconds] [--keystroke] [--grab] [--noevents] [--reset] [--root] [--onescreen] [--not] name …


--timeout seconds

Specifies the number of seconds after which the cursor should be hidden if it was neither moved nor any button was pressed. (Default: 5)

--jitter radius

Ignore cursor movements if the cursor hasn’t moved sufficiently far.


Don’t hide the mouse cursor if it is idling over the root window and not an actual window since in this case it isn’t obscuring anything important, but rather just the desktop background.


Ignore mouse scroll events (buttons 4 and 5) so that scrolling doesn’t unhide the cursor.


Fork unclutter to the background.


Display the usage and exit.


Display the version and exit.


In order to be used as a drop-in replacement of unclutter, unclutter-xfixes accepts all command line arguments of unclutter, but ignores most of them.

--display|-d display

Specifies the X display to use. The same effect can be achieved by setting the DISPLAY environment variable.

--idle seconds

This argument is mapped to --timeout.


This argument is ignored.


This argument is ignored.


This argument is ignored.


This argument is ignored.


This argument does the opposite of --exclude-root. Shouldn’t need to be given, as this is the default behavior in unclutter-xfixes.


This argument restricts unclutter to the single screen specified in --display or to the default screen of the display.


This argument will result in all arguments that aren’t options or option arguments, to be collected into a list that specifies windows where the cursor shall not be removed. These will be the windows where an element of the list matches, in a case insensitive comparison, the starting characters of either the WM_NAME, or the name or class of the WM_CLASS, properties of the window. (Note that this argument can be given anywhere on the command line.)


Hide the mouse cursor if it isn’t being used.

This version of unclutter is a rewrite of the original and uses the x11-xfixes extension, which means that no fake windows or pointer grabbing is needed. This should work better with window managers and applications.


Ingo Bürk