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UGLIFY-JS(1) User Commands UGLIFY-JS(1)


uglify-js - JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit


uglifyjs [files...] [options]


Print usage information. `--help options` for details on available options.
Print version number.
Specify parser options.
Enable compressor/specify compressor options.
Mangle names/specify mangler options.
Mangle properties/specify mangler options.
Beautify output/specify output options.
Output options (beautify disabled).
Output file (default STDOUT).
Preserve copyright comments in the output.
Read minify() options from JSON file.
Global definitions.
Embed everything in a big function, with configurable argument(s) & value(s).
Support non-standard Internet Explorer 8.
Do not mangle/drop function names. Useful for code relying on
File to hold mangled name mappings.
Force symbol expansion.
Disable symbol expansion.
Build UglifyJS as a library (implies --wrap UglifyJS)
Enable source map/specify source map options.
Display operations run time on STDERR.
Compress and/or mangle variables in toplevel scope.
Perform validation during AST manipulations.
Print diagnostic messages.
Print warning messages.
Support non-standard Safari/Webkit.
Embed everything as a function with ???exports??? corresponding to ???name??? globally.
Reduce a standalone test case (assumes cloned repository).
February 2021 uglify-js 3.12.8