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tapset::tcpmib - systemtap tcpmib tapset


Get a socket's state
See function::tcpmib_get_state(3stap)
for details.
Get the source address
See function::tcpmib_local_addr(3stap)
for details.
Get the remote address
See function::tcpmib_remote_addr(3stap)
for details.
Get the local port
See function::tcpmib_local_port(3stap)
for details.
Get the remote port
See function::tcpmib_remote_port(3stap)
for details.
Count an active opening of a socket

See probe::tcpmib.ActiveOpens(3stap)
for details.
Count a failed attempt to open a socket

See probe::tcpmib.AttemptFails(3stap)
for details.
Update the count of open sockets

See probe::tcpmib.CurrEstab(3stap)
for details.
Count the reset of a socket

See probe::tcpmib.EstabResets(3stap)
for details.
Count an incoming tcp segment

See probe::tcpmib.InSegs(3stap)
for details.
Count the sending of a reset packet

See probe::tcpmib.OutRsts(3stap)
for details.
Count the sending of a TCP segment

See probe::tcpmib.OutSegs(3stap)
for details.
Count the passive creation of a socket

See probe::tcpmib.PassiveOpens(3stap)
for details.
Count the retransmission of a TCP segment

See probe::tcpmib.RetransSegs(3stap)
for details.


function::tcpmib_get_state(3stap), function::tcpmib_local_addr(3stap), function::tcpmib_remote_addr(3stap), function::tcpmib_local_port(3stap), function::tcpmib_remote_port(3stap), probe::tcpmib.ActiveOpens(3stap), probe::tcpmib.AttemptFails(3stap), probe::tcpmib.CurrEstab(3stap), probe::tcpmib.EstabResets(3stap), probe::tcpmib.InSegs(3stap), probe::tcpmib.OutRsts(3stap), probe::tcpmib.OutSegs(3stap), probe::tcpmib.PassiveOpens(3stap), probe::tcpmib.RetransSegs(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap)

November 2020 SystemTap Tapset Reference