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Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive(3Sympa) sympa 6.2.60 Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive(3Sympa)


Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive - Workflow of archive storage


  use Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive;
  my $spindle = Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive->new;


Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive defines workflow to store messages into archives.

When spin() method is invoked, messages kept in archive spool are processed. Archive spool may contain two sorts of messages: Normal messages and control messages.

  • Normal messages have List context and may be stored into archive.
  • Control messages have Robot context and their body contains one or more command lines. Following commands are available.
Removes a message from archive yyyy-mm of the list. Text message is preserved.
Rebuilds all HTML archives of the list.
Rebuilds all HTML archives of all the lists on the robot.

Public methods

See also "Public methods" in Sympa::Spindle.


See also "Properties" in Sympa::Spindle.

Instance of Sympa::Spool::Archive class.


Sympa::Archive, Sympa::Spindle, Sympa::Spool::Archive.


Sympa::Spindle::StoreArchive appeared on Sympa 6.2.10. It was renamed to Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive on Sympa 6.2.13.

2021-02-07 6.2.60