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man(1) Profanity XMPP client man(1)


/rooms - the Profanity /rooms command.


List the chat rooms available at the specified conference service. If no argument is supplied, the account preference 'muc.service' is used, 'conference.<domain-part>' by default. The filter argument only shows rooms that contain the provided text, case insensitive.



/rooms filter <text>

/rooms service <service>

/rooms service <service> filter <text>

/rooms cache on|off|clear


service <service>

The conference service to query.

filter <text>

The text to filter results by.

cache on|off

Enable or disable caching of rooms list response, enabled by default.

cache clear

Clear the rooms response cache if enabled.



/rooms filter development

/rooms service

/rooms service filter "News Room"

2021-01-09 0.10.0