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man(1) Profanity XMPP client man(1)


/join - the Profanity /join command.


Join a chat room at the conference server. If no room is supplied, a generated name will be used with the format private-chat-[UUID]. If the domain part is not included in the room name, the account preference 'muc.service' will be used. If no nickname is specified the account preference 'muc.nick' will be used which by default is the localpart of your JID. If the room doesn't exist, and the server allows it, a new one will be created.



/join <room> [nick <nick>] [password <password>]



The chat room to join.

nick <nick>

Nickname to use in the room.

password <password>

Password if the room requires one.




/join nick mynick

/join nick mynick password mypassword

/join mychannel

2021-01-09 0.10.0