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POWERCAP-SET(1) powercap-set POWERCAP-SET(1)


powercap-set - manage power capping devices with the Linux power capping framework


powercap-set -p NAME [OPTION]...


Sets configurations for a powercap control type.


Prints the help screen
[REQUIRED] The powercap control type name. Must not be empty or contain a '.' or '/'.
The zone/subzone numbers in the control type's powercap tree. Separate zones/subzones with a colon. E.g., for zone 0, subzone 2:
-z 0:2
The constraint number (none by default)
Enable/disable a control type

The following zone-level arguments may be used together and require -z/--zone:

Reset zone energy counter
Enable/disable a zone

The following constraint-level arguments may be used together and require -z/--zone and -c/--constraint:

Set constraint power limit
Set constraint time window


These examples use Intel RAPL, for which the control type is intel-rapl.

Enable zone 0.
Enable zone 0, subzone 1.
Set a power cap of 25 Watts (25000000 uW) on zone 0, constraint 1.
Set a power cap of 15 Watts (15000000 uW) and time window of 976 microseconds on zone 1, subzone 0, constraint 0.


Administrative (root) privileges are usually needed to use powercap-set.

Setting constraint power cap and/or time limit values may not enable or disable a zone/subzone - set the -e/--z-enabled flag explicitly.

The kernel may round power limits and time windows to discrete values supported by the hardware, e.g., 28 seconds might round to 27983872 microseconds.

Power units: microwatts (uW)
Time units: microseconds (us)


Report bugs upstream at <>





Connor Imes <>



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