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NTPSWEEP(1) General Commands Manual NTPSWEEP(1)


ntpsweep - Sweep NTP Servers and Report Relationships


ntpsweep [ --help|--peers|--strip <string>] <file>|[--host <hostname> ]


ntpsweep prints per host given in <file> the NTP stratum level, the clock offset in seconds, the daemon version, the operating system and the processor.


Print this short help text and exit.
Specify the hosts file. File format is one hostname or ip number per line. Lines beginning with # are considered as comment.
Speficy a single host, bypassing the need for a hosts file.
List all peers a host synchronizes to.
Strip <string> from hostnames.


Hans Lambermont. Manpage by Bdale Garbee <> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.