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mrboom(6) Games Manual mrboom(6)


mrboom - 8 player Bomberman


mrboom [options]


This manual page documents briefly the mrboom command.

mrboom is a SDL2 version of the original 1999 version of Mr.Boom.


The goal of the game is to bomb away your enemies and other players. Bomberman is controlled with the keyboard or with (up to 8) joypads.

Space - Add a bomberman bot
Return - Start a game
P or Pause/Break - Pause
ESC - Quit
1st player
Left - Left
Right - Right
Up - Up
Down - Down
Right Ctrl, End, Keypad 0, Right GUI (Windows) or Right Command (Apple) - Lay bomb
Right Alt, Keypad Dot or PageDown - Ignite bomb
Right Shift, Keypad Enter or Home - Jump
2nd player
A - Left
D - Right
W - Up
S - Down
Left Ctrl, Left GUI (Windows) or Left Command (Apple) - Lay bomb
Left Alt - Ignite bomb
Left Shift - Jump
Is not supported in this version but you can find network games in the libretro version.


FX volume: with <x> from 0 to 10.
Show summary of options.
No monster mode.
Sex team mode.
Color team mode.
Humans vs. machines mode.
Set joysticks dead zone, default is 8000.
No music.
Show version of program.

January 14 2019