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lprint(1) Michael R Sweet lprint(1)


lprint - a label printer application


lprint [ SUB-COMMAND ] [ OPTIONS ] [ FILES ]


lprint is a label printer application that can be run standalone or as a dedicated IPP Everywhere network service. lprint supports printing PNG images, Apple/PWG raster files, and printer-specific label files to USB and network label printers. If no sub-command is specified, "submit" is assumed.


The following sub-commands are recognized by lprint:

Add a printer queue.
Cancel one or more print jobs.
Set the default printer queue.
Delete a printer queue.
List connected printers.
List the supported drivers.
List pending print jobs.
Modify a printer queue.
List supported options.
List the printer queues.
Start a server.
Shutdown a running server.
Show the status of a printer or all printers.
Submit a file for printing.


lprint-add(1), lprint-cancel(1), lprint-default(1), lprint-delete(1), lprint-devices(1), lprint-drivers(1), lprint-jobs(1), lprint-modify(1), lprint-options(1), lprint-printers(1), lprint-server(1), lprint-shutdown(1), lprint-status(1), lprint-submit(1), lprint.conf(5)


Copyright © 2019-2020 by Michael R Sweet.

LPrint January 5, 2020