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vpEnable(3) Library Functions Manual vpEnable(3)


vpEnable - enable or disable options


#include <volpack.h>


vpEnable(vpc, option, value)

vpContext *vpc;
int option;
int value;


VolPack context from vpCreateContext.
Constant that specifies the option to be adjusted.
New value for the option (boolean: 0 or 1).


vpEnable is used to enable or disable boolean options in a rendering context. If the value option is 0 then the option is disabled; otherwise it is enabled. The following list summarizes all available options:

Enable the corresponding light source (see vpSetLight(3)). Default: VP_LIGHT0 is enabled, and all others are disabled.
Enable two-sided lighting (see vpSetLight(3)). Default: disabled
Reverse the definition of interior and exterior surfaces (see vpSetMaterial(3)). Default: disabled
Enable depth cueing (see vpSetDepthCueing(3)). Default: disabled
Enable computing a preclassified volume for the corresponding major viewing axis (see vpClassifyVolume(3)). Default: enabled
Enable rendering shadows (see vpSetShadowLookupShader(3)). Default: disabled
Enable clamping the color components in a shade table to the range 0.0-255.0. This option affects vpShadeTable(). Default: enabled


The normal return value is VP_OK. The following error return value is possible:

The option argument is invalid.


VolPack(3), vpCreateContext(3)