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Sys::Virt::Error(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Sys::Virt::Error(3pm)


Sys::Virt::Error - error object for libvirt APIs


The "Sys::Virt::Error" class provides an encoding of the libvirt errors. Instances of this object can be thrown by pretty much any of the Sys::Virt APIs.


Convert the object into string format suitable for printing on a console to inform a user of the error.
Return the raw error level represented by this error. One of the ERROR LEVEL CONSTANTS
Return the raw error code represented by this error. One of the ERROR CODE CONSTANTS
Return the error domain raising this error. One of the ERROR DOMAIN CONSTANTS
Return an informative message describing the error condition.



Undefined error level
Warning error level
Fatal error level


The error domain indicates which internal part of libvirt the error report was raised from.

Configuration file handling
Error while operating on a domain
Domain configuration handling
LXC virtualization driver
Error while operating on a network
Network configuration handling
Node device configuration handling
No specific error domain.
OpenVZ virtualization driver
Xen proxy virtualization driver
QEMU virtualization driver
Remote client virtualization driver
XML-RPC handling code
Security services driver
SEXPR parsing code
Device statistics code
Storage configuration handling
Test virtualization driver
UML virtualization driver
Xen hypervisor driver
XenD daemon driver
XenStore driver
Xen XM configuration file driver
Xen Inotify events driver
Low level XML parser
The VMWare ESX driver
The host network interface driver
The Open Nebula driver. This constant is no longer used and retained only for backwards compatibility
The IBM Power Hypervisor driver
The secret management driver
The VirtualBox driver
The audit driver
The CPU information driver
The domain snapshot driver
The daemon hook driver
The network filter driver
The data streams driver
The system information driver
The VMWare driver
The XenAPI driver
The event driver
The libxl Xen driver
The lock manager drivers
The Hyper-V driver
The capabilities driver
The authentication handling code
The URI handling code
The DBus handling code
The device handling code
The libSSH2 socket client
The Parallels virtualization driver
The lockspace handling code
The initctl client code
The cgroups code
The identity management code
The access control code
The systemd init service
The FreeBSD BHyve driver
The cryptographic helper APIs.
The firewall helper APIs.
The polkit authentication / authorization APIs
The thread helper utils
The administrative service
The logging service
The Xen XL driver
The performance events subsystem
The libSSH socket client
The resource control subsystem
The firewalld service
The domain checkpoint
The TPM subsystem
The BPF subsystem


The error codes allow for specific problems to be identified and handled separately from generic error handling.

Authentication falure when connecting to a driver
Operation not supported by driver (DEPRECATED & unused)
Configuration file syntax error
The domain already exists
Too many hypervisor drivers have been registered
HTTP GET command failed talking to XenD
GNUTLS encryption error in RPC driver
Unexpected HTTP error code from XenD
Generic internal error
Invalid argument supplied to function
Invalid connection object
Invalid domain object
Invalid MAC address string
Invalid network object
Invalid node device object
Invalid storage pool object
Invalid storage vol object
Network with this name/uuid already exists
Unable to connect to requested hypervisor driver
Missing device information
No such domain with that name/uuid/id
Missing kernel information in domain configuration
Missing memory information in domain configuration
Missing name in object configuration
No such network with that name/uuid
No such node device with that name
Missing OS information in domain configuration
Missing root device information in domain configuration
Missing security model information in domain configuratio
Missing source device information in domain configuration
No such storage pool with that name/uuid
No such storage volume with that name/path/key
This operation is not supported by the active driver
Missing target device information in domain configuration
Unable to connect to Xen hypervisor
Unable to connect to XenStorage daemon
No error code. This should never be see
Unable to open a configuration file
The operation is forbidden for the current connection
The operation failed to complete
Missing/incorrect OS type in domain configuration
Failed to parse configuration file
HTTP POST failure talking to XenD
Unable to read from configuration file
Generic RPC error talking to XenD
Failed to generic SEXPR for XenD
Generic operating system error
Unknown hostname
Failed to write to configuration file
Failure while talking to Xen hypervisor
Detailed XML parsing error
Generic XML parsing error
Warning that no network driver is activated
Warning that no node device driver is activated
Warning that no storage driver is activated
Invalid network interface object
No interface with the matching name / mac address
The requested operation is not valid for the current object state
The network interface driver is not available
There are multiple interfaces with the requested MAC address
The firwall could not be constructed
The network filter driver could not be activated
There is no network filter driver available
The network filter object was invalid
There secret management driver is not available
No secret with the matching uuid / usage ID
Invalid secret object
The requested XML configuration is not supported by the hypervisor
The operation could not be completed in a satisfactory time
Unable to persistent the domain configuration after migration successfully completed
Execution of a daemon hook script failed
The domain snapshot object pointer was invalid
No matching domain snapshot was found
The stream object pointer was invalid
The argument value was not supported by the driver
The storage pool has already been built
Probing the storage pool failed
Reverting the snapshot could cause data loss
The asynchronous operation was aborted at admin request
The user cancelled the authentication process
The requested metadata does not exist
The migration operation would be unsafe to perform
The calculation would overflow
Action prevented by block copy job
The guest agent is not responding
The operation is not supported on this host
The SSH operation failed
The resource requested is already in use
Not authorized to perform the operation
An error from a DBus service API
The storage volume already exists
The CPUs are not compatible
The XML document does not comply with the XML schema
Migration finished but expected to return NULL domain.
Authentication services were not available
Libvirt server was not found
Libvirt client was not found
Libvirt guest agent replies with wrong id to guest-sync command
The libSSH operation failed
Libvirt fail to find the desired device.
Invalid nwfilter binding
No nwfilter binding
Invalid domain checkpoint
Domain checkpoint not found
Domain backup job id not found
No matching network port
Invalid network port object
Network port already exists
No domain hostname found
The checkpoint is inconsistent


Daniel P. Berrange <>


Copyright (C) 2006 Red Hat Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Daniel P. Berrange


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation (either version 2 of the License, or at your option any later version), or, the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.


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