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XmRepTypeGetRegistered(3) Library Functions Manual XmRepTypeGetRegistered(3)


XmRepTypeGetRegistered — A representation type manager function that returns a copy of the registration list "XmRepTypeGetRegistered" "representation type manager functions" "XmRepTypeGetRegistered"


#include <Xm/RepType.h>
XmRepTypeList XmRepTypeGetRegistered(void)


XmRepTypeGetRegistered retrieves information about all representation types that are registered with the representation type manager. The registration list is an array of structures, each of which contains information for a representation type entry. The end of the registration list is marked with a representation type entry whose rep_type_name field has a NULL pointer. This routine allocates memory for the returned data. The application must free this memory using XtFree.

The representation type entry structure contains the following information:

typedef struct

String rep_type_name;
String *value_names;
unsigned char *values;
unsigned char num_values;
Boolean reverse_installed;
XmRepTypeId rep_type_id; } XmRepTypeEntryRec, *XmRepTypeList; (void)
The name of the representation type
An array of representation type value names
An array of representation type numerical values
The number of values associated with the representation type
A flag that indicates whether or not the reverse converter is installed
The identification number of the representation type


Returns a pointer to the registration list of representation types.


XmRepTypeRegister(3) and XmRepTypeGetRecord(3).