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GO::Metadata::Panther(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation GO::Metadata::Panther(3pm)


GO::Metadata::Panther - Species info for data used by Panther Clusters


 use GO::Metadata::Panther;
 my $s = GO::Metadata::Panther->code('YEAST');


Inherits functions from GO::Metadata::UniProt::Species.

Accesses information related to species in the Panther seq2pthr.gz file. This file can be fetched from: <>

Exportable Subroutines

Returns the list of UniProt species codes that are used in Panther clusters.
Returns a list of "GO::Metadata::Panther" objects that are used in Panther clusters.
Returns a true value in every argument is a UniProt species code used in Panther cluster. Otherwise returns false.

OO Function

This basically hands things off to GO::Metadata::UniProt::Species's new function. Populates that with other Panther/GO specific information, and does some error correction.
Returns the list of NCBI taxa identifiers associated with the UniProt species code. In a perfect word this will only every return one value. In any case, the first value will be the actual numeric identifier associated.
Returns a list of id types (generally to be populated in "dbxref.xref_dbname") in order of preference of use. If a null list, we have never encountered a conflict that needed resolving.




Sven Heinicke <</gt>

2021-01-09 perl v5.32.0