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gd_invalid_dirfile(3) GETDATA gd_invalid_dirfile(3)


gd_invalid_dirfile — obtain an pointer to an invalid DIRFILE object


#include <getdata.h>

DIRFILE* gd_invalid_dirfile(void);


The gd_invalid_dirfile() returns a pointer to a newly allocated, invalid DIRFILE object. Like any other DIRFILE object, the invalid DIRFILE object should be de-allocated by calling gd_close(3) or gd_discard(3) when it is no longer needed.

The DIRFILE object returned may be passed to any other GetData function which requires one, but doing so will inevitably result in that function failing with the GD_BAD_DIRFILE error.

A similar effect can be achieved by making an invalid gd_open(3) call, such as:


which also returns a pointer to an invalid DIRFILE object. The difference is that an invalid DIRFILE created in this way has a non-zero error code (obtainable with gd_error(3)), while the dirfile error of the invalid DIRFILE returned by gd_invalid_dirfile(3) is zero (indicating success).


This function always returns a pointer to a newly allocated, invalid DIRFILE object, except when it is unable to allocate memory for the DIRFILE, in which case it returns NULL.


The gd_invalid_dirfile() function appeared in GetData-0.7.0.


gd_close(3), gd_discard(3), gd_error(3), gd_open(3)

25 December 2016 Version 0.10.0