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Font::FreeType::NamedInfo(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Font::FreeType::NamedInfo(3pm)


Font::FreeType::NamedInfo - information from 'names table' in font file


    use Font::FreeType;
    my $freetype = Font::FreeType->new;
    my $face = $freetype->face('Vera.ttf');
    my $infos = $face->namedinfos;
    if($infos && @$infos) {
      say $_->string for(@$infos);


The TrueType and OpenType specifications allow the inclusion of a special names table in font files. This table contains textual (and internationalized) information regarding the font, like family name, copyright, version, etc.

Possible values for platform_id, encoding_id, language_id, and name_id are given in the file ttnameid.h from FreeType distribution. For details please refer to the TrueType or OpenType specification.


The name string. Note that its format differs depending on the (platform,
encoding) pair. It can be a Pascal String, a UTF-16 one, etc.

Generally speaking, the string is not zero-terminated. Please refer to the TrueType specification for details.

2020-11-08 perl v5.32.0