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ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Class(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Class(3pm)


ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Class - A class (inherits from Package).


An ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Package sub-class representing a class declaration such as

  %name{PerlClassName} class MyClass : public BaseClass

The Perl-level class name and the C++ class name attributes are inherited from the ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Package class.



Creates a new "ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Class" object.

Optional named parameters: "methods" can be a reference to an array of methods (ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Method) of the class, and "base_classes", a reference to an array of base classes ("ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Class" objects). "catch" may be a list of exception names that all methods in the class handle.


Adds new methods to the class. By default, their scope is "public". Takes arbitrary number of arguments which are processed in order.

If an argument is an ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Access, the current method scope is changed accordingly for all following methods.

If an argument is an ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Method it is added to the list of methods of the class. The method's class name is set to the current class and its scope is set to the current method scope.



Returns the internal reference to the array of methods in this class. Each of the methods is an "ExtUtils::XSpp::Node::Method"


Returns the internal reference to the array of base classes of this class.

If the base classes have been defined in the same file, these are the complete class objects including method definitions, otherwise only the C++ and Perl name of the class are available as attributes.

2020-12-29 perl v5.32.0